4. Social Media Managers Tell All: After The Final 2 Weeks Notice

It’s time to spill some tea!! On today’s episode we get into unethical requests from clients and employers, unrealistic expectations, our biggest digital fears (some realized!), pet peeves, and more!

And we can’t have a dramatic gossip session without a full house! First up — Aaron Greene, a Social Media Manager for non-profits around the country and a part-time food blogger. Also joining us — Abbey Weit, a Community and Content Manager at WW (formerly known as Weight Watchers). She also has experience at Victoria’s Secret Beauty, Betterment, & Sweet Green. And last, but not least — Alex Cerda, the Social Media Director at SMU. He has also managed social media at Frito Lay and The Dallas Stars.

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More with Aaron Greene: https://www.instagram.com/abiteofdallas/

More with Abbey Weit: https://www.instagram.com/abigailweit/


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