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Today’s episode is all about the intersection of television news and social media. How reporters use social media, how you can get the attention of reporters, and, of course, lessons from internet trolls and people who disagree with ya.

And joining me today is my dear friend Matthew Torres! He is a regional Edward R. Murrow and Emmy Award-Winning general assignments reporter at WUSA9 in Washington DC.

He has covered major political events, natural disasters, high-profile trials, and done award-winning in-depth work highlighting the opioid crisis. 

His digital goals now are all about how to reach followers in a new market after reporting in Nashville for 6 years and finding the balance of being both a professional and a human online.

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02:15 – Using social media as a reporter
04:30 – Lessons from internet trolls & people who disagree with you
06:30 – Reporting vs. Influencing
11:50 – Making mistakes in news tweets & getting called out
15:18 – Digital coverage of controversial topics & events
18:10 – TV audience vs. social media audience
18:45 – How to create/maintain a feed with different opinions
21:00 – Using social media to connect with underrepresented communities
23:00 – How to get the attention of reporters

26:37 – How do I gain followers in a new market?
32:30 – How do I balance being a professional and being personable on social media?
38:06 – News on TikTok

"Love this podcast so much! The personal stories draw you in... I try to soak up all the helpful social media bits of wisdom that are interwoven into fun conversation."

meshabaconpie, iTunes

"Great perspective on social media. Coralee takes something that is amorphous and daunting and makes it understandable and fun."

TexasJohnRH, iTunes

"I learn and laugh in equal measure. I am not interested in followers. It's not my thing. What is my thing are fascinating deep dives. I'm hooked. And I'm laughing."

IHateToast, iTunes

"I work in marketing and social media and I learn at least two or three tips every episode. Coralee has a way of explaining things that make you go, 'Huh, I never thought of if that way.'"

_AuntieMomo, iTunes

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