6. How To Build Community With Video Content with Mellie, Tarot Reader & Oracle Deck Creator

Today’s episode is all about how to get started creating organic video content for social media and how it can support your new, small, and whimsical business — even if some people already have a preconceived notion of what that should look like.

And joining me today is my dear friend Alicia also known as Mellie from Mellie’s Terrace! She is an intuitive card reader and creative soul who is here to celebrate and offer guidance for self-awareness, personal empowerment, and inner clarity. She is a tarot card reader, creator of The Ostinato Oracle, and a small business owner.

Her digital goals now are all about practical ways to create consistent, authentic, shareable content, how to get started with video — and build a thriving community along the way.

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More about tarot with Mellie: https://www.melliesterrace.com/ & Instagram @MelliesTerrace

More about The Ostinato Oracle Deck: https://www.ostinatooracle.com & Instagram @OstinatoOracle

Discount code: UNVERIFIED for 20% off an intuitive card reading or The Ostinato Oracle Deck purchase (good through 12/31/21)


03:50 – 20:50: Mellie’s story, demystifying tarot, The Ostinato Oracle origins

21:18 – 33:52: Social media consult – setting goals, addressing fears with mindset shifts, & examining current strategy

33:52 – 56:00: Social media consult – building community with video content


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